Close Personal Protection

From protecting political figures and visiting dignitaries, to A-listers and the elite, to individual residences and family members, to employers and staff members, to valuable goods and assets, Our personal protection services are flexible and can be tailor-made to suit individual needs.

We take great pride in providing highly skilled personal protection officers who are highly trained to provide immediate response against threats.

As part of this service our personal protection officers will;

    • Conduct advance inspections of your premises, vehicle, and destination.
    • Conduct research and gather information to identify potential risks or threats.
    • Form a personalised operational plan to suit your individual/group circumstances.
    • Prepare for short notice changes.
    • Keep you protected at all times.

We can arrange for your personal protection officer to be highly visible in full suit and tie, and we can also arrange for your personal protection officer to be covert (undercover) depending on your needs.

    • All our close personal protection officers are Western Australian Police licensed, Senior First Aid certified, hold a valid Western Australian driver’s licence, and are trained in use of combat and reflex abilities, and customer service.

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