Guard Dogs

Our guard dogs are trained to provide property protection, personal protection, and family protection.
Our guard dogs are trained to be aware that they are working as part of a team with their handlers. We select the best dogs to meet your individual requirements. We ensure that our dogs are not placed out for jobs before they undergo obedience training, protection training and man stopper training.

As part of this service our guard dogs and their handlers will;

  • Conduct internal and external patrols of your premises to ensure that all gates, doors, windows and entries are locked and secure, as well as investigate for signs of intrusion.
  • Monitor activities inside and outside your premises to prevent theft, avoid disturbances, and protect your property.
  • Inspect your security systems and respond to alarm activations.
  • Watch for potential offenders and violators, and warn persons from violating rules and regulations.

We can provide guard dogs for construction sites, commercial and private properties, factories, warehouses, yards, and any other areas where security may be required.


  • All our dog handlers are Western Australian Police licensed and endorsed to work with guard dogs, are Senior First Aid certified, and are trained in customer service.

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